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Jerome Simas is a Buffet-Crampon artist.  He plays R-13 Prestige Bb and A clarinets, with either a Vandoren M30 or a Hawkins “R” model (Zinner) mouthpiece with an inverted silver-plated Bonade ligature.
On bass clarinet, Mr. Simas alternates between a newer Tosca and an older 1193 (depending on repertoire or desired tone color), and uses a 10K CF+ mouthpiece by Clark Fobes with a Versa ligature by Rovner. He typically uses #4.0 Vandoren Traditional or V-12 reeds on both soprano and bass clarinets.
For other auxiliary clarinets, Mr. Simas plays an RC Prestige Eb clarinet with a Vandoren 5RV Lyre mouthpiece (refaced by Lee Livengood), an E-11 C clarinet, and a Prestige basset horn with a Vandoren B40 mouthpiece. His contrabass clarinet is a Leblanc “paperclip” with a Clark Fobes “San Francisco” mouthpiece, #3.5 Légère reeds, and Rovner ligature.
Jerry 2 Final a copy.jpeg
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